Monday, October 20, 2014

Tag Your Files

Ever download a bunch of kits and file them away, only to lose them? You are doing a layout and you know you have that perfect kit, but where did it go?? Well, something can be done to find them if you don't remember the name of the kit or where you put it.  Folder names are only so helpful and many operating systems don't allow for mile long descriptive filenames (my OCD dislikes it as well).

This tip also will help speed up the process of locating what you need without having to really search "manually".  Even though I know where many of my things are, it's easier for me to just type in "chrome" and "alpha" if I'm looking for a silver alphabet. All will come up, as I have them in kits and in a folder of alphas.

That brings me to another tip: As you should already know, kits from different designers often are complimentary. Some will use only one kit to create a layout and won't add from another, but the lot of us will grab from everywhere. Using a tag such as "snowman" will bring forward everything you need from all of your downloads to create the best snowman themed layout ever.

As a designer:
Tag your images with keywords.  Use an abundance of keys like stripes, red, pastel, boy, dolls, trees, valentines, grunge, background, etc.  Use enough so when the user is looking for something specific, they'll find what they are looking for. It is unknown what keytag they'll use in a search, so tag with all that apply. This will help you as well, especially if you want to snag a piece from one kit to add to another or you are scrapping with your own designs.

As a scrapbooker:
Every time you download a new set of goodies, see if they are tagged. If they are not, now is the time to tag them, just after unzipping and before you file it away. If you're like me, busy with a ton of projects, you may just have a folder marked "October2014" with a bunch of hodge podge inside. If you never get around to organizing them, the tags will allow you to find them regardless. If the files are already tagged, look at them. Are they enough? Do they have key words that you'd use to identify this download? If not, then add as needed.

The link below will show you the basics of tagging if you don't know already.  I don't know how to do tagging on a mac, so you'll have to google. I know some image viewers have tagging tools, but it's best to stick with your operating system for tagging since these tags are more likely to stick with the image instead of being proprietary with the program only.

You can tag your photographs the same way too. I know that after you tag, if you upload them to a site like Flickr, the tags will be extracted. Makes it easy when you share with family and they are looking for a certain photo of yours. (I should note that when you upload to Flickr, you can edit the tags from the site, so if you don't want a tag to show, it won't.)

Like everything else, it's a habit to get used to and a large endeavor if you go back to old files and add tags, but in the long run it makes life easier, especially since we cannot write on the back of a digital photograph.

What was that? Oh, I have a few photo albums that aren't labeled either. And slides, thousands of them where I was too little to know where we were. Yeah. Don't shoot the messenger. Really. I'm only trying to help, not bog you down with yet another thing to do. ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hey there, stranger!

Yeah, been a long time, huh? Well, I haven't been completely under a rock and no moss here for sure. I've been  creating although I cannot remember the last time I put together a scrapbook page. Some of you have been with me for practically 9 years and know the last 3 I've been pretty hit and miss but I always come back around with some fantastic stuff or re-issues. When I can I have been updating some kits. I lost my CS3 during a hard drive crash, sadder because my purchased copy was stolen and Adobe wouldn't help me recoup it through my registration (because it's old, big deal, right??). Ugh.

Anyway, I now have my new Lightroom 5, Photoshop Elements 12 and ye old trustworthy Gimp 2.2 (yes, that's a 2.2 - I never could get into the new versions because I had the old one memorized, old habits die hard, very hard).  I've been creating new background images too. I use a variety of resources online from brushes to CC/CU overlays and images as well as my own photography or brush work. I used these in a not for profit setting and that means extending the gift to you, the copyright of said images I used in the creation also is not for profit. Make sense? In other words, do as you wish with the backgrounds, just don't sell them. No need to give credit, unless you desire to or the presentation of such warrants it (some forums still require full credits on each scrap item). I did not put credits on my resources since I've been grabbing CC/CU items for so many years, they are long gone.

It should be noted that in the link below I have posted practically all (and I mean ALL) of my kit backgrounds, even the ones that were in purchase kits. They may be the same as the old background or may have been updated a bit. They will have the same name as in the kit. In theater mode of Flickr they have a down arrow for downloading, choose original size and it'll go to your previously designated download folder (I haven't seen a prompt to change this unless you right click and save but that takes longer).

Other questions I have gotten via Flickr mail:

1. Can you change the color of the background? Yes, of course. Some similar backgrounds are not all there simply because it's the same thing in another color.

2. Can you crop the background? Yes again. Make it work for your project. Alter away baby!

3. Can you use them for printed cards? Yes, as long as you're not selling them or donating them where they can be sold. This is because I have used CC/CU items from other artists.

4. Can you print them out for paper scrapping? Oh yes! Seems like a silly question, but non-digital scrappers ask this often.

5. Who do I give credit to? You don't have to, however if you want to just simply say "Ditters Doodles".

6. Where did the name Ditters Doodles come from?  Jump in the time machine to 1993. My 2 year old twin boys couldn't say "Little Josh". We were video taping them meeting the new baby (the same baby who will be able to buy his own beer soon, scary). My husband said "this is little Josh" (not that we have another Josh in the family, he was newborn). Then both boys said "hi Ditter Dosh"... both of them. So cute. When I had to come up with a unique name for my scrapbooking I was finding many of the possibilities were no longer "unique". That's when I chose to snag my then 11 year old son's nickname. He was most definitely done with it. He was a pre-teen and a little horrified when I used it in public (usually because he was being annoying, because sometimes kids can be annoying, right?).

Last thought before I give you the link:
As far as I know my 4shared links are still active. Occasionally I get download reports showing activity. I'm not sure about any other site, like Dropbox. What's bad, I can't remember the others I've used. Oh, Esnips... they became a turd download site. Adware and popup ads galore, my virus scanner flips out. I think I deleted my files and account. Can't be sure, however if you find a link, might just want to skip it unless you are feeling brave or have your PC secure. Esnips wasn't always bad.

Now for what you've been waiting for:

I hope you have a lot of time, the count is up to 879. Today I'm feeling creative so that number may jump up this week. I don't post during the weekends, Flickr's uploader is like molasses in March and is the only thing that bogs my DSL, not even 3 computers running Netflix and an online gamer can do that, nope, just Flickr, what the heck?

Enjoy and glad to be back, sort of back, it won't be a daily thing like years ago.

You can also follow Ditters Doodles on Facebook. I always announce new content there.

P.S. Yes, the blog got ugly. Smartphones got browser capability and I got complaints it wasn't user friendly so I removed the background images and header. Since then, smartphones got smarter and proved that I didn't have to do that after all. Oy vey. [Side thought, I've always wondered why a digital scrapbooker would want to visit scrapblogs over mobile, not like they could download on the phone. Just found that odd. Not all of my posts are chatty, this one though... giggles.]

Sunday, May 05, 2013

REISSUE: Basic Elements

Here's the link.

Eight zip files of basic elements (like tags, tape, some frames).

The items marked trios typically contain a tag, a frame and a paper (those are 1200 pixels, not sure if they can be stretched to 3600).

Friday, May 03, 2013

REISSUE: Baby Elements

Here is the link, one zip file, four folders included.  Most of these were extractions (scans of an object then cut out to be a stand-alone element in png form).  The meters below were done when I was creating much smaller pages and elements. The idea is there for you to create larger if you wish.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Box.Net Files

If you are finding a bandwidth error, I apologize.  I'm using a free file hoster and am trying to get these files back out there for all of you.  With free, sometimes we have to give a little.  So bookmark or pin the pages and come back often.  I have more than what one free account holds so I'll be adding other hosters as well.  Make sure you scroll through the blog as some of the old files still have active download links.  If you come across a dead link (not bandwith limit error), then comment on the blog post so I can draft (hide) the post.  Thanks a bunch and happy scrappin'!

REISSUE: Girl Elements

Here is where you can find the Girl Elements, some previewed below.  There's only one zip file.

Monday, April 22, 2013

REISSUE: Nature Elements

There are 14 zip files called Nature Ellies (found here) with about 560 megs of floral and other "nature" related elements, some arranged as borders, frames or as singles.  These are elements I have uploaded in the past, for you that have been following me for a while may find things familiar, may even duplicate your stash. Feel free to alter the items to suit your needs.  You can use these for commercial use in clusters but do not offer them as they are.  Most were created using dingbats with a layer style applied.