Friday, May 03, 2013

REISSUE: Baby Elements

Here is the link, one zip file, four folders included.  Most of these were extractions (scans of an object then cut out to be a stand-alone element in png form).  The meters below were done when I was creating much smaller pages and elements. The idea is there for you to create larger if you wish.


Misty Rose said...

Tried to download you posts today but box says you are out of bandwidth. Would love to have them though. Thanks anyway.

Lana said...

I love your baby set freebies but they all say you are out of bandwidth. Could you please fix? Thank you so much.

~HS said...

It's going to say that from time to time (out of bandwidth) because these are new posts, but eventually I won't be out of bandwidth. I'm not going to a paid account because I don't have income at the moment, which is why I have time to repost all of these. Just keep coming back and checking as I don't plan on deleting them and Box doesn't have an expiration date from what I've seen. I'll also be adding another hoster site to the links eventually. Hang in there! This is the best I can do right now.

Lana said...

Thank you for the reply. No, it will stay out of bandwidth for the rest of the month or until you buy more. Once it is gone for the month, it is gone. There are plenty of free sites out there that don't run out, Box is the worst!

Well, all I was wanting was your adorable baby kit but I can't keep checking back every day or several times a day. I have a life too. Guess I will just have to do without them. That saddens me as being a creator too, I go out of my way to make sure my creations are available. Otherwise, why make them?

Good luck sweetie and will check back one more time tomorrow before I give up, disappointedly.

Have a great week.